Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My Favorite Hand Cream

There are times when we feel that our hands are getting rough and the softness that it once had are lost. Especially when our work entails us to do a lot of handwashing with soap or betadine solution, we are exposing them to harsh chemicals that can be really drying on skin. During my student nurse days there were times that I washed my hands more than 15 times per day because, ideally you need to do it before and after handling a patient to prevent transmission of microorganisms. I immediately realized that I need to have a good hand cream so that I cannot further damage my hands. 

On my first visit to Etude House, this product had caught my eye for its cute packaging. I also love that it contains 5% Shea Butter that can help hydrate skin. It is also a dual purpose cream because it can also be used on the heels. The color of the cream is white and the consistency is thick and creamy. I feel this moisturizes my hands and heels very well without feeling greasy and heavy. The smell is like an after shower smell after you placed some baby powder on your body. It smells fresh and not irritating for my sensitive nose. I am very pleased with this product and I feel that I am getting my money's worth. This is already my second tube and I will continue to buy when I run out of the product.

Price: Php 400+

PROS: Hydrating and creamy. Skin feels soft and smooth the next day.

CONS: none

Will I buy again? Definitely yes.

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